Wahoo Ranch

Welcome to WaHoo Ranch!

Welcome to WaHoo Ranch! If you’re here, there’s a good chance you might be looking quality beef, rope lessons, clinics or rope horses. There are a lot of advantages to working directly with a local rancher.

Why Choose Wahoo Ranch beef?


It’s healthier

Our beef comes directly from our pastures to your table. While we do use antibiotics to keep our herd healthy, we will not use steroids or injections like that to “bulk up” our cattle. Also, unlike a lot of the beef you’ll find at grocery stores, there aren’t any additional additives or colorings added to the meat. For us, it’s simple - we’re eating the same beef we’re selling to our customers - if we wouldn’t eat it, we don’t expect you to!

It’s less expensive

Do you want quality beef for your family, but feel like your jaw hits the floor every time you want to buy a steak or roast for the family? By buying beef in a quarter, half, or whole, you’re saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars compared to what it would cost at your local grocery store.

You have control

When you are buying large quantities of beef, you have choices in how that beef comes to you. If you have the kind of family that prefers more roasts than steak, that’s great! If you need more ground beef, that works too. You are buying beef in a format that fits you and your family’s needs.


I attended a “Learning the Ropes” clinic, with zero experience, and was really impressed with Jake’s one on one teaching style, attention to detail, ability to teach and the amount of improvement I was able to make even with no previous experience. I highly recommend this clinic or private lessons!

Tasha Ty Brownfield Learned the Ropes